Six Reasons Why EBooks May Supersede Physical Books


Technology has revolutionized several activities of our day-to-day lives, and book reading is no exception to this. Modern digital technology has influenced the techniques of creating, writing, promoting, and reading a book for the convenience of the readers. As a result, various EBooks are experiencing a great demand today. Now you can easily browse a vast variety of electronic books on the web and get one to read with the help of a laptop, tablet, or Smart phone. Before getting an electronic version of a book, it is best to have an understanding of the benefits that an EBook has over a physical volume. This will help you to determine your own requirements and make a wise choice for either an Ebook or a physical book. Following are some advantages of reading EBooks that will help you to understand how EBooks have superseded standard books.

  1. Ease of reading when traveling

    If you need to travel quite often, you will definitely find it difficult to carry dozens of physical books that you want to read. It then becomes even more difficult to carry home any additional volumes on your return journey. In such circumstances, it is beneficial to have electronic versions of the books. EBooks enable you to carry an entire library with you wherever you need to travel. Also, you can still easily switch to a physical book if you require that. In this way, electronic books make your journey easier and  more comfortable.

  2. No need of ample storage space

    Generally, a collection of physical books require ample space to store them. On the other hand, lots of EBooks can be stored in a palm-sized tablet or a small laptop. The storage aspect of these electronic volumes enables you to save a lot of storage space. This kind of storage facility eliminates the need for dusting, and for the mending of damaged books, which otherwise would be a necessity with physical books. You simply need to have a backup in a pen drive or a hard disk, if anything goes wrong with the functioning of your device.

  3. Availability at economical rates

    Often, these EBooks cost you less in the long run since there is no printing cost associated with them. In fact, you can easily find various EBooks for free on the web. All you need to have is a tablet and an eReader program for accessing the EBooks, whereas you always need to make a considerable payment when purchasing the physical books. You will not need to spend on mending EBooks as you would on physical books.

  4. Quick accessibility

    When you opt to purchase an EBook that is displayed online, you can get it instantly from the internet. On the other hand, if you order a physical book online, you will have to wait for a considerable time  before you get the book in your hand to enjoy reading it.

  5. Adjustment of the fonts of the text

    When you experience eye strain while reading a physical book, you have no other choice than to stop reading it. But you have a good solution for this when you choose an EBook to read. When reading an EBook, you can instantly and easily adjust the font and the brightness level in order to reduce the strain on your eyes and make your reading more comfortable. By doing the necessary adjustments, you can continue reading the electronic version without stopping.

  6. A comfortable reading experience

    It is impossible to read a physical book in the dark, whereas you can read an EBook in dark surroundings with the built-in light of the eReader program. These electronic volumes can be read wherever and whenever it is comfortable for you. This is why Ebook marketing is booming today.

These positive aspects of reading an EBook can show you how superior it is to reading a physical volume. Now you can make a wise decision while choosing between a physical book and an electronic version on your visit to a book fair.


Six Reasons That Help Physical Books to Retain Their Significance in the Modern Digital World


The digital revolution has revolutionized the techniques of book publishing and marketing to make things more favorable for authors, as well as readers. It has made the creation of an electronic book (EBook) easy. Today, several authors find it more convenient to create and promote EBooks in the current competitive market.  You might be wondering about the existence of physical books, with this question in mind: “Does the creation of these electronic books diminish the significance and need of physical books?” Of course not, as even today physical books enjoy a good demand among readers. In fact, physical books have successfully retained their importance in spite of the widespread use of digital technology.  Certain aspects of physical books make them more in demand with readers than EBooks. Here are some of the reasons why physical books remain popular.

1. Reading convenience

One of the major benefits of reading a physical book over an electronic book is the convenience it gives to the readers. Your eyes can start to hurt when you continuously read a book on computers or tablets. You may even need to get a commercial eReader that will help you in your reading. On the other hand, these problems do not arise when reading a physical book. Nothing more is needed except the book and good lighting.

2. Good resale value

If you buy an EBook displayed in a book show, you will never be able to resell it. A good collection of electronic books may create difficulties when you intend to donate them or resell them in the future. But you can easily resell a physical book after you have read it and obtain a good price for it. A collection of physical books can easily be donated to a library or to some social cause whenever the need arises..

3. No need of special devices for reading a physical book

You will need an electronic device such as a laptop, tablet, or smart phone to read an EBook. Without these devices you cannot read an EBook, let alone even have it. But you can get a physical book without any kind of required devices.

Just visit a local bookstore or some popular book fair and purchase the books you want and read them anywhere, anytime. You can even read a standard book in a location where there is no electricity.

4. No need of batteries

Though many of your devices may have good batteries, you will need to charge them regularly. If anytime you forget to charge them, your device will not work and you will not be able to read the EBook at all. But this is not the case with a standard physical book, as you don’t need batteries to read it.

5. No need of warranty

An eReader is an essential requirement when you choose to read an EBook. If at any time your eReader stops working, you won’t be able to read any EBooks until you get a new eReader or get this one replaced on warranty. You may be able to read the titles that are saved on your desktop, but none of the book’s text. Physical books don’t have this problem and don’t require a warranty. If a book gets damaged or lost, all you have to do is purchase or borrow another copy and continue reading.

6. Unique joy of reading a physical book

Reading a physical book is a unique experience. You can never get that pleasing smell of paper or feel the weight of your favorite book in your hands when you read an EBook. No technology can replace the unique experience of reading a physical book, holding it in your hands, and quickly seeing the progress to the end.

All these aspects help you to understand why physical books are still in great demand even in today’s modern digital world. No technological advancement can beat the experience that we have when reading a physical book. Take part in this special experience by visiting a popular global book fair in 2014, purchasing your choice of books, and then sitting down to an enjoyable reading experience.

Ebooks are on verge to become a norm for children


Ebooks have gained great popularity among the children, in the recent times. The advent of internet and its easy availability to common public have increased curiosity and interest among the kids to browse for their favorite books over the web. Parents always try to inculcate good habit of reading in their kids, right from their childhood. Gradually, these kids prefer to take great interest in reading various books. As a result, books tend to become the most favorite possession of the children. Ebooks are nothing but the electronic version of the printed books that can be easily read over the internet with help of computer system, laptop and any other modern gadget.

  • The rising importance of Ebooks among kids

Since various computer systems have become part and parcel of our daily life, several parents prefer to gift their kids Ebooks to read and enhance their knowledge. Over the last two to three years, sales of various Ebooks are observed to increase to a great extent, according to the experts. This is so, because kids are getting more used to computers and laptops and prefer to read their favorite story books and general knowledge books over these modern systems. No doubt, computer and video games are the most favorite activities of the children. However, with the onset of several Ebooks in the current market, need of these books has experienced a great demand among the younger generation to nurture their hobby of reading. The children can read their favorite Ebooks wherever they go, by using the modern gadgets like iPad.

  • Book exhibitions are excellent platforms for children’s Ebooks

Various technological advancements are major factors in facilitating these digital books to the children. You can find all kinds of books, which even include the picture books, for kids of any age. On account of the rising demand for Ebooks among the kids, several popular book events prefer to showcase these electronic books to the visiting audience. Some global book fairs like Bologna Children’s Book Fair prefer to focus on displaying children’s electronic books for all kids aged from 0 to 16 yrs. Such book shows are recognized as a prominent platform for Ebook marketing. The recent survey showed that the kids of about 10 yrs tend to read various Ebooks on their laptops. However, once they turn 11, they get used to e-readers like the Kindle and modern mobile devices like iPad.

  • Positive development in kids

American Library Association is another global book event that works on showcasing a great variety of children’s books.  The kids can find Ebooks based on any subject, right from literature, science, history, geography to various fictional story books, novels and many others in such popular book shows. Such exclusive Ebooks help the children to enhance their knowledge, scale newer heights of intelligence and look inward. Kids receive great encouragement to think creatively and out of box to come up with many innovative ideas and manage their activities. This kind of development in kids is always admirable. Hence, parents prefer to gift their kids Ebooks as and when they get good opportunity. A visit to some popular book fair along with the kids helps parents to make better choice of book for their kids.

  • Convenient for reading

As kids grow up, they tend to spend most of their time on computer systems or laptops either in researching and working for their school projects or for playing various computer games. Imagine how convenient it will be for kids if they get to read their favorite story books and study books on their computer systems. Such a great convenience to read essential books on laptops and other systems is offered by the electronic books. With the growing age, children even get used to mobile devices such as iPads and spend most of their traveling time in handling such mobile gadgets. Ebooks allow children to read their favorite books even while traveling. Just with a click or a screen-touch, you to turn the pages of Ebooks and continue reading. Hence, lots of children prefer to go for Ebooks than printed books these days.

The increase in development of various electronic books and a great rise in demand for Ebooks among the children have been marked as a revolution in current publishing world. Hence, it can be said that the Ebooks are on verge to become a norm for today’s younger generation.