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Like bread dough, my writing seems to require time to rise in a warm, draft-free place. The long proofing period is necessary; turn up the heat to hurry the rising, or don’t leave it long enough, and I get a stodgy, dense loaf.

Under ideal conditions—solitude, free time and excitement about what I’m writing—the words pour forth quickly. It’s exhilarating. But normally, I write when I can. I like to have control over an essay or story as it forms, and I edit as I write, considering each sentence as I put it to paper—does it say what I want it to say, or does it imply something else? I read what I’ve written aloud—does it have the right rhythm? Is my translation of Vietnamese dialogue as true to the original as possible? Does it sound natural?

The second proofing of the dough is as important as the first. Even…

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How One Woman Exposed a $48m Scam From America’s Literary Establishment

Interesting story , Must read

David Gaughran

Cerf1Jessica Mitford took on the American funeral industry, the California Department of Corrections, and the Ku Klux Klan, but it was her 1970 exposé of The Famous Writers School which led to Time calling her “The Queen of the Muckrakers.” And if a courageous editor hadn’t reversed his decision to kill her story, it might never have happened.

Mitford had been aware of The Famous Writers School’s existence for some time. Anyone who was a frequent reader of newspapers, books or magazines would have seen its ever-present advertisements, inviting aspiring writers to cut out and apply for the free aptitude test. While Mitford was suspicious, she didn’t have anything concrete until her lawyer husband took on a new client.

Bob Treuhaft was approached by a 72-year old widow, living on Social Security, who had cleaned out her bank account to make a down-payment to The Famous Writers School. On the…

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#4 In 2014: Harry Potter Readers Are Stupid

Now it is easy to find out stupids , with a simple question.

Are you a harry potter reader ??

101 Books

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Harry Potter readers are stupid?

So says A.S. Byatt, author of Possession. I’m paraphrasing.

The more I read about A.S. Byatt, the less likeable she seems.

Last week, we talked about her dismissiveness of bloggers and social media. This week, let’s talk about how much she dislikes Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling. How fun!

Byatt comes across as the quintessential book snob. The complex, fantastical world of Harry Potter isn’t good enough for her. J.K. Rowling is just a simpleton, parroting old clichés.

This comes from an op-ed Byatt wrote for the New York Times in 2003.

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How to inspire the bookworm in your child?

Inspirig children to read book


“When I get a little money, I buy books. If any is left, I buy food and clothes.” — Erasmus

Are you keen on inspiring the bookworm in your child and making him or her avid reader as they grow? It’s not a difficult task. In fact, inculcating the habit of reading a variety of genres is something that every parent should try, as it will help sharpen a child’s reading skills and general knowledge. Raising a reader does take a certain amount of effort, as not every child is born a bookworm. Introducing your children to new literature throughout the year is one of the best techniques for encouraging them to keep up to date with information from an early age.

Here are some effective tips to inculcate good reading habits in children.

  • Gift your child new reading material. When your child starts going to school, gift him or her a variety of novels and other literature that match their appropriate reading levels. Short stories, picture books with simple scientific texts, and various other children’s books can be ideal gifts for kids to harbor reading habits from an early age.
  • Make reading a part of your family’s life. Developing good reading habits is essential. When kids see their parents reading and discussing things they’ve read, children will attempt to read and discuss on what they read too. Making reading a part of your family’s lifestyle helps your children learn that reading is not only a crucial part of life, but an enjoyable one too.
  • Get a library membership for your child. You can get a library membership for your children to help them pursue good habit of reading. Libraries comprise a commendable collection of literature work. If you are a regular visitor of a local library, take your child to the library along with you when your kid start going to the school. This will help your child get acquainted with new and vast variety of volumes. Soon your kids will start visiting library on their own, as they grow up.
  • Plan a visit to popular book fairs. Visiting popular book events, such as Illinois Library Association, can help your children to get their hands on a new variety of novels. At events like these, new authors display their recent literature work to promote their books since a large number of book lovers and important professionals in publishing industry make it a point to visit. Plan a visit to one of the popular book events along with your children. Your kids will enjoy the chance to choose some of their own favorite volumes.
  • Create a reading-friendly environment. Creating a quiet, comfortable place to read is an effective technique to encourage your kids to read. It can be as simple as gifting your child a reading light beside his or her and setting a bedtime which includes half an hour to read before going to bed. If you have additional space in your kids’ room, you can create a special reading nook. Also, you can create a small home library where you store all the new volumes purchased from popular book exhibitions. This will boost the morale of your children to spend more time in the home library daily.
  • Use technology. Often, children are more fond of electronic devices than paper books. Gifting your kids an Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad can encourage them to explore the world of ebooks. That way your child can download new reading material at will without having to wait for the next family trip to the book exhibition. Also, at various global book fairs, such as Illinois Library Association 2014, you can find a vast variety of suitable ebooks for your kids. Audio books can be another great solution to encourage a reluctant reader to get excited about reading without any pressure.

With these effective tips you can inspire the budding bookworm in your children to read more and enhance their knowledge, reading abilities, writing skills, and vocabulary as they grow.

Four top money-saving tips for book-worms

Book Warms

As the boom of tablets and Smartphones continues to rise in the market, it’s now simpler to download and read E-books with just a push of button or screen-touch. Even though this quick and easy access to various E-books is commendable, book lovers and many avid readers find stocking up books quite expensive. They are always on look for effective ways to find cost-effective copies of books.

Where can you find discounted or free copies of standard volumes and E-books to pursue your favorite hobby of reading? Here are some options that can help you find discounted and free E-books and standard volumes to read your choice of collection.

  1. Libraries. Today, lots of public libraries are pursuing the trend of having digital books on their shelves. They offer E-books just like they offer standard physical volumes. In most cases, you need to have a card to access the local library but there are many libraries that allow you to access their E-book collections directly from your desktops or tablets. Various E-books lending libraries allow you to checkout digital volumes on your systems without making a trip to the library.You can download your choice of E-books for a specific span of time and read.
  2. Author lists. Many book lovers maintain a list of their favorite authors. Today, several popular authors maintain blogs, email lists, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other social network accounts for their loyal fans to keep the readers updated with their latest releases and news. In addition to this, many authors offer exclusive giveaways and discounted rates on their work to their loyal fans. Checking out your favorite authors’ websites and email alerts helps you obtain important updates and newsletters. You can even meet your favorite authors in popular book events, such as Frankfurt International Book Fair in 2014, have their autographs, and discuss with them about your expectations and their upcoming projects.
  3. Book clubs. Various book clubs maintain collections of good books allowing the members of the club to buy their choice of volumes at discounted rate. Many book clubs even offer guided discussions on the best-selling volumes to avid readers. They even offer bookworms opportunities to get their hands on volumes that are available at lesser prices if they participate in the club.
  4. Popular book fairs. Various global book fairs, such as Frankfurt Book Fair, offer book lovers opportunities to learn, access, and purchase a variety of books and E-books at discounted rates. Numerous authors throughout the world display their literary work in such international book fairs attracting thousands of readers and fans to attend and get their hands on their favorite collections. Avid readers can have discussions with their favorite authors and learn about digital books and their availability in the market. These international book events even offer splendid opportunities to readers as well as authors to pursue their interest and work in the publishing industry enthusiastically.

If you follow these four tips, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to have a great collection of reading material. Hurry up! Find more about library offerings, book giveaways, and popular book fairs in 2014 to thrive the book worm in you with quality reading material.


Let the reader in you grow this summer


Summer is a popular season for growing flowers and summer vegetable gardens, holidays, and overall happy memories for the whole family as the school year ends and the kids get ample of time to enjoy their summer vacations.

Motivation and direction for reading can help kids blossom into students for whom reading tops the list of recreational activities. This turns kids into avid readers and helps them develop deep roots in a broad base of invaluable knowledge, qualifying them to make right decisions and express their point of views effectively as they grow up.

With the onset of summer, it’s more important to help children maintain a habit of reading so that their reading proficiency doesn’t suffers over the long break. Attending literature events, such as Book Expo America 2014, along with your kids can help to boost their proficiency in reading and grow the reader in them during the vacations.

Here are some surefire tips that ensure your kids maintain their reading habit even in summer vacations with great interest.

  • Beef up your home library: During the summer vacations children prefer to spend most of the day indoors than playing in the scorching heat of the sun. If you revamp their home library with new books, your kids may prefer to spend time reading the new collection. Visit popular book events, such as BEA 2014, with your kids and purchase new stock of books available at the event to beef up your home library. You can even ask neighbors and parents of your kids’ friends to exchange the books so that the home library can have new collection of volumes quite often.
  • Sign up for public library cards: Even if the school library remains closed during the summer, students can have access to their favorite books and various summertime reading enrichment programs. So make sure that your kids sign up public library cards to access volumes and attend reading programs during their vacations.
  • Listen to podcasts of popular titles: Another effective way to choose engaging books for your kids is listening to podcasts of popular titles. Podcasts which focus on book promotionsenable parents and educators to have a more well rounded understanding of current book trends so they can choose  interesting and knowledgeable collections for their kids and students.
  • Create a summertime book clubs: Find kids who have identical book tastes and encourage them to meet, interact, exchange their views on the books they read, and exchange their books. Kids with similar book tastes can meet in their school campus or public library to discuss about collection they read and exchange novels in the summer vacations.
  • Participate in reading challenges: You can organize and encourage your kids to participate in various reading competitions. Participation of children in such reading challenges can help them increase their reading speed and capacity considerably, as kids will aim to set better record every time they read.
  • Arrange a summer reading book fair: Organizing a book exhibition with a wide variety of books and E-books’ display will attract lots of children to access and read their choice of novels and other collection in the summer. It will help inculcate good habit of reading in younger children and help avid readers to access new collections. Visiting a book event, such as BookExpo America, can help you organize and motivate your kids to read a vast variety of books and increase their reading and intellectual abilities.

 If you follow these six tips, you can not only retain your kids’ interest in reading even during the long summer vacations but also enhance their reading and vocabulary substantially.

Book fairs – The best solution for school fundraising


When we think of school fundraising, the first idea that comes to our mind is children going door-to-door with pamphlets full of household knick-knacks and over-priced tins of chocolates and cookies. However, school fundraising need not involve selling dozens of items that the public is not really interested in spending the money on. There are many better options to raise funds for schools, such as organizing book fairs. Today, several schools prefer to hold book fairs in order to raise money as well as help students enhance their knowledge. Book fairs can be a big success since no one minds kids purchasing or selling books.

Parents often make the effort to inculcate good reading habits in their kids through various ways. When schools organize book events, it is an added way for kids to grow their interest in reading and cultivates habit of studying up on a variety of topics. Such book events are bound to receive tremendous response and support not only from kids but also from parents, who are working to improve their kids’ ability to read and express.

Book fairs can be organized in a different ways. One of ways is where the school can host an exhibition at the school for many days or even up to couple of weeks. The book display can be set up in a central location or in an area, which is easily accessible to all students. Such literature display can have an endless variety, ranging from picture books, cardboard books to Ebooks’ display.

Visiting a global book fair, such as Book Expo America 2014, or children’s book fairs, can offer you good inspiration when organizing the book promotion event in the school. Teachers, supervisor, and other staff of the school can take turns running the book event. Students can be allowed to access and purchase their choice of books before school, during the lunch break, or after school gets over for the day. Each classroom can have a scheduled day and time to visit the book fair and access volumes comfortably. The event can be open for parents in the evening in case parents would like to access and choose volumes for their kids.

Another way a book fair can raise fund is by helping the school send home book sale flyers. These flyers could offer the list of all books and Ebooks, which are available for sale along with their prices. This can be an effective way of Ebook marketing where prominent book marketing companies help schools develop the flyers. Children can choose their choice of books from the flyers. Parents can help their kids to select books that match their reading ability from the flyers. Kids would even be encouraged to ask their friends and neighbors if they would like to buy any books or Ebooks.

Unsold books left over after the book event can be used as additions to the school libraries, school giveaways, birthday gifts, and at other useful areas where books can suit as prizes. In this manner, book exhibitions are wonderful and constructive ways for schools to make money without pursuing anyone to purchase things that they don’t wish. It even helps kids improve their intellectual, reading, and critical thinking ability.

If you run or manage a school and haven’t yet organized a book event, maybe you should try it now!