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Cristian Mihai

unnamed“Jazz is a remarkable story that will stay with you long after you read it.”Katie Jennings

Hi guys,

So I’ve decided to offer my stories and novels as part of two distinct bundles: e-book and paperback.

“I completely fell in love with Cristian Mihai’s beautiful way of writing.”Emma Snow

The e-book bundle contains 4 novelsone novella, 4 short stories, a compilation of essays on art and writing, and a compilation of short stories written with Anca Dunavete.

It costs only $4.99 (I know, a bargain) and can be purchased here. It’s available in Kindle, EPUB, and PDF formats, so you can read them with any e-reader or smart phone or even on your computer.

“Simply written, simply expressed, it is a gem of a book […]”F.J. Schurr

Secondly, the paperback bundle. It contains my novels Jazz and The Writer, and also…

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