Smart ways to read more books a year

Books offer an invaluable treasure of knowledge and information by enhancing our ability to think, analyze, and take appropriate decisions at the right moments. However, simply knowing the significance of reading is not enough. From children to the elderly, finding the time to read amidst hectic daily schedules is a difficult task.

Here are some tips to help you make reading not only an enjoyable activity, but also a part of your daily life.

  • Read while commuting. Commuting daily to your workplace or school via bus, tram, or train can be made interesting by carrying a novel with you. Converting your daily commute into reading time can be an engaging as well as refreshing experience as you reach your destination. You can carry a book in your backpack, handbag, or purse ensuring you always have a book when you need one. Whether you are commuting or waiting in a doctor’s clinic or bus stop, you can flip through a few pages and make your wait or commute just a bit more engaging.
  • Purchase second hand reading material. Purchasing a variety of second hand version won’t cost you an arm and leg like most hot-off-the-press novels will. Look out for notice boards outside libraries, university boards, and local book stores for deals on second hand reading material. Don’t be put off from purchasing secondhand literature. Think of them as another opportunity to read dusty covers by a loving reader.
  • Get a library membership. Choose any one of the popular libraries in your city and become a member. Being a library member will expose you to the world of books and E-books by giving you access to a vast variety of reading material like academic journals, novels, magazines, newsletters, and comics. A library even provides a reading-friendly, pleasant atmosphere for readers to sit for hours and read peacefully…which may not be possible at home.
  • Visit popular literature events. Popular book exhibitions, such as Pennsylvania Library Association, showcase a variety of genres for avid readers, publishers, librarians, news reporters, and other important members of the publishing industry and media. Popular globalbook fairsnot only offer you a golden opportunity to access unique collections of literature but also give you the opportunity to meet your favorite authors, get their autographs, and learn about their future projects. So make it a point to visit one of the popular book fairs in 2014 and enhance your collection with new reading material.
  • Get an Ereader or tablet.Technological advancements have brought a revolution in each and every aspect of our lives, and reading is no exception to this. The advent of E-books and their easy availability enable E-readers to read their choice of literature anywhere and anytime comfortably without any hassles. You can find new editions of digital books at popular book fairs aiming book promotion of digital and standard books and at E-libraries. You can download your choice of literature online and read it conveniently sitting at home. You can read various digital versions when on-the-go and their storage won’t be an issue.
  • Join a local reading club. A reading club is an exciting platform for book lovers to interact with fellow readers. Active reading groups are known for having intellectual debates, discussions, reading sessions, and a host of other intellectual activities to keep the reading spirit up among avid readers. These clubs will motivate you to read more genres and expose you to more literature, authors, and titles than you would have discovered on your own.

Following these effective tips and visiting popular exhibitions, such as Pennsylvania Library Association in 2014, will help you to get your hands on a new variety of genres and enhance your reading abilities and knowledge substantially.



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