Four top money-saving tips for book-worms

Book Warms

As the boom of tablets and Smartphones continues to rise in the market, it’s now simpler to download and read E-books with just a push of button or screen-touch. Even though this quick and easy access to various E-books is commendable, book lovers and many avid readers find stocking up books quite expensive. They are always on look for effective ways to find cost-effective copies of books.

Where can you find discounted or free copies of standard volumes and E-books to pursue your favorite hobby of reading? Here are some options that can help you find discounted and free E-books and standard volumes to read your choice of collection.

  1. Libraries. Today, lots of public libraries are pursuing the trend of having digital books on their shelves. They offer E-books just like they offer standard physical volumes. In most cases, you need to have a card to access the local library but there are many libraries that allow you to access their E-book collections directly from your desktops or tablets. Various E-books lending libraries allow you to checkout digital volumes on your systems without making a trip to the library.You can download your choice of E-books for a specific span of time and read.
  2. Author lists. Many book lovers maintain a list of their favorite authors. Today, several popular authors maintain blogs, email lists, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other social network accounts for their loyal fans to keep the readers updated with their latest releases and news. In addition to this, many authors offer exclusive giveaways and discounted rates on their work to their loyal fans. Checking out your favorite authors’ websites and email alerts helps you obtain important updates and newsletters. You can even meet your favorite authors in popular book events, such as Frankfurt International Book Fair in 2014, have their autographs, and discuss with them about your expectations and their upcoming projects.
  3. Book clubs. Various book clubs maintain collections of good books allowing the members of the club to buy their choice of volumes at discounted rate. Many book clubs even offer guided discussions on the best-selling volumes to avid readers. They even offer bookworms opportunities to get their hands on volumes that are available at lesser prices if they participate in the club.
  4. Popular book fairs. Various global book fairs, such as Frankfurt Book Fair, offer book lovers opportunities to learn, access, and purchase a variety of books and E-books at discounted rates. Numerous authors throughout the world display their literary work in such international book fairs attracting thousands of readers and fans to attend and get their hands on their favorite collections. Avid readers can have discussions with their favorite authors and learn about digital books and their availability in the market. These international book events even offer splendid opportunities to readers as well as authors to pursue their interest and work in the publishing industry enthusiastically.

If you follow these four tips, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to have a great collection of reading material. Hurry up! Find more about library offerings, book giveaways, and popular book fairs in 2014 to thrive the book worm in you with quality reading material.



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