How reading books improves your health?


Getting lost in reading a book is the most pleasurable feeling for a book lover to enjoy. Readers read books of hundreds and even thousands of pages, getting engrossed in the plot of the story and role of the characters in it. Reading favorite books for hours is not only fun but also beneficial for the health of the readers. Do you know why?

Here are some surprising and interesting health benefits of reading.

  • Reduces stress. Reading good books is a relaxing activity. When you get engrossed in reading a book, all other thoughts vanish from your mind. Your daily tensions and worries disappear. This is not a hypothetical idea but a proven fact. Studies reveal that reading just for six minutes reduces stress by 68% as it slows down your heart rate and minimizes muscle tension. Instead of turning on your television set, read a good book for some time after spending a stressful day at work.
  • Improves memory. Just like your body muscles need workout to enhance them, your brain needs the exercise that reading a book can offer. Reading a book for certain time of a day exercises your noggin. All synapses firing when reading improves your memory and keeps you away from ailments related to brain and memory. Studies reveal that people who read regularly are 2.5 times less likely to become a victim of memory disease named Alzheimer .
  • Makes your brain younger. Even though no one can stop aging process, reading can slow it down substantially. Various studies and researches reveal that reading can minimize your rate of cognitive decline. Get your hands on good books by visiting popular book events, such as those found at the Beijing International Book Fair, regularly and keep your brain young and energetic.
  • Enhances empathy. Reading good, inspirational books makes you more humane. You get emotionally absorbed in the book and enact positively in the real life. Studies reveal that individuals who read fictional stories regularly are more empathetic. Even if the characters are fictional, relating to their roles and circumstances makes us act empathetically in our lives. Visiting global book fairs in 2014 can help you access a vast variety of inspirational and fictional volumes to enhance your empathy this year.
  • Increases tolerance. Every of us have to struggle to lead a civilized and peaceful life with stress of not knowing what future has in store for us. To achieve our aims we need to increase our tolerance level. Fortunately, one of the easy ways to cope with day-to-day stress is reading volumes. Studies reveal that reading fictional stories can increase the tolerance for ambiguity. As readers delve deeper into fictional stories and characters, their minds open up and they become prepared to face various challenging situations and uncertainties. A visit to a popular book show, like BIBF 2014, can help you enhance your tolerance effectively and become stronger.

All of the above benefits of reading enhance your health and life and help you lead a more peaceful and happy life. So harbor a good habit of reading regularly by getting your hands on various new volumes that are coming in the market these days.


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