Let the reader in you grow this summer


Summer is a popular season for growing flowers and summer vegetable gardens, holidays, and overall happy memories for the whole family as the school year ends and the kids get ample of time to enjoy their summer vacations.

Motivation and direction for reading can help kids blossom into students for whom reading tops the list of recreational activities. This turns kids into avid readers and helps them develop deep roots in a broad base of invaluable knowledge, qualifying them to make right decisions and express their point of views effectively as they grow up.

With the onset of summer, it’s more important to help children maintain a habit of reading so that their reading proficiency doesn’t suffers over the long break. Attending literature events, such as Book Expo America 2014, along with your kids can help to boost their proficiency in reading and grow the reader in them during the vacations.

Here are some surefire tips that ensure your kids maintain their reading habit even in summer vacations with great interest.

  • Beef up your home library: During the summer vacations children prefer to spend most of the day indoors than playing in the scorching heat of the sun. If you revamp their home library with new books, your kids may prefer to spend time reading the new collection. Visit popular book events, such as BEA 2014, with your kids and purchase new stock of books available at the event to beef up your home library. You can even ask neighbors and parents of your kids’ friends to exchange the books so that the home library can have new collection of volumes quite often.
  • Sign up for public library cards: Even if the school library remains closed during the summer, students can have access to their favorite books and various summertime reading enrichment programs. So make sure that your kids sign up public library cards to access volumes and attend reading programs during their vacations.
  • Listen to podcasts of popular titles: Another effective way to choose engaging books for your kids is listening to podcasts of popular titles. Podcasts which focus on book promotionsenable parents and educators to have a more well rounded understanding of current book trends so they can choose  interesting and knowledgeable collections for their kids and students.
  • Create a summertime book clubs: Find kids who have identical book tastes and encourage them to meet, interact, exchange their views on the books they read, and exchange their books. Kids with similar book tastes can meet in their school campus or public library to discuss about collection they read and exchange novels in the summer vacations.
  • Participate in reading challenges: You can organize and encourage your kids to participate in various reading competitions. Participation of children in such reading challenges can help them increase their reading speed and capacity considerably, as kids will aim to set better record every time they read.
  • Arrange a summer reading book fair: Organizing a book exhibition with a wide variety of books and E-books’ display will attract lots of children to access and read their choice of novels and other collection in the summer. It will help inculcate good habit of reading in younger children and help avid readers to access new collections. Visiting a book event, such as BookExpo America, can help you organize and motivate your kids to read a vast variety of books and increase their reading and intellectual abilities.

 If you follow these six tips, you can not only retain your kids’ interest in reading even during the long summer vacations but also enhance their reading and vocabulary substantially.


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