Book fairs – The best solution for school fundraising


When we think of school fundraising, the first idea that comes to our mind is children going door-to-door with pamphlets full of household knick-knacks and over-priced tins of chocolates and cookies. However, school fundraising need not involve selling dozens of items that the public is not really interested in spending the money on. There are many better options to raise funds for schools, such as organizing book fairs. Today, several schools prefer to hold book fairs in order to raise money as well as help students enhance their knowledge. Book fairs can be a big success since no one minds kids purchasing or selling books.

Parents often make the effort to inculcate good reading habits in their kids through various ways. When schools organize book events, it is an added way for kids to grow their interest in reading and cultivates habit of studying up on a variety of topics. Such book events are bound to receive tremendous response and support not only from kids but also from parents, who are working to improve their kids’ ability to read and express.

Book fairs can be organized in a different ways. One of ways is where the school can host an exhibition at the school for many days or even up to couple of weeks. The book display can be set up in a central location or in an area, which is easily accessible to all students. Such literature display can have an endless variety, ranging from picture books, cardboard books to Ebooks’ display.

Visiting a global book fair, such as Book Expo America 2014, or children’s book fairs, can offer you good inspiration when organizing the book promotion event in the school. Teachers, supervisor, and other staff of the school can take turns running the book event. Students can be allowed to access and purchase their choice of books before school, during the lunch break, or after school gets over for the day. Each classroom can have a scheduled day and time to visit the book fair and access volumes comfortably. The event can be open for parents in the evening in case parents would like to access and choose volumes for their kids.

Another way a book fair can raise fund is by helping the school send home book sale flyers. These flyers could offer the list of all books and Ebooks, which are available for sale along with their prices. This can be an effective way of Ebook marketing where prominent book marketing companies help schools develop the flyers. Children can choose their choice of books from the flyers. Parents can help their kids to select books that match their reading ability from the flyers. Kids would even be encouraged to ask their friends and neighbors if they would like to buy any books or Ebooks.

Unsold books left over after the book event can be used as additions to the school libraries, school giveaways, birthday gifts, and at other useful areas where books can suit as prizes. In this manner, book exhibitions are wonderful and constructive ways for schools to make money without pursuing anyone to purchase things that they don’t wish. It even helps kids improve their intellectual, reading, and critical thinking ability.

If you run or manage a school and haven’t yet organized a book event, maybe you should try it now!


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