6 tips to help your child improve expressive language skills

6 tips for your child

Child’s language development is one of the major concerns of parents. Many parents think that speech therapy is the only solution for their child’s weak language development. But, there are several factors that come into play such as your kid’s primary caretaker, reading habits, and many more factors, which may play a role in your kid’s weak language development. If you spend time with your child, you can easily identify the cause of poor language development and help your kid develop rich language skills. Here are certain tips that can help you inculcate effective, expressive language skills in your child.

  1. Encourage your kid to elaborate: Kids with weak language development tend to narrate any situation in short, incomplete sentences. They fail to express the entire situation or complete thoughts, as they find it difficult or they assume you understand what they are talking about. Instead of accepting the poor narration of your child, teach him to elaborate well by explaining its significance. When your child repeats incomplete, non-relevant sentences, explain how he can describe it properly so the next time he follows the same pattern and can then elaborate in a better manner.
  2. Discourage the use of informal words: Informal words such as stuff or things that do not specify a particular object should be avoided. Encourage your child to think of the word that he wishes to state, rather than using vague filler words. Also, once you guess the word that your child wants to convey do not tell your kid that word immediately. Encourage your child to find a good word by speaking related sounds or syllables. A visit to a popular book event, such as the China book fair, can help improve your kid’s language usage. This will help them improve their expressive language skills and build rich vocabulary.
  3. Plan a visit to a children’s book fair: A visit along with your children to one of the popular children’s book fairs, such as Beijing International Book Fair, can prove instrumental in encouraging your kids to read various children’s novels and improve their language development. Your children can access a variety of books that are specifically written to help children enhance their language and writing skills and build good vocabulary. Inculcating good habits of reading in kids, builds good language development in kids automatically.
  4. Don’t embarrass your child in public: In an effort to improve your kid’s speech and language skills, make sure that you never embarrass or insult your child in public. Don’t force your child to deliver long and complex replies to others, if your child finds it difficult to do so. If your kid makes a grammatical error in front of other people when in a group, don’t correct him on the spot. Kids are sensitive and may feel discouraged. Teach your child how to answer impressively at home, where just you and your kid are present.
  5. Ensure that your child gets an opportunity to speak: It is quite easy to let your child finish his sentences and explain to other family members and friends what your child actually meant to say. But, if you want your kid to improve his language skills, you need to step back and allow your child to use his skills to explain things to others in a better way to convey what he wants to say. Don’t complete your child’s sentences; let him do it on his own. Encourage them to improve their vocabulary skills by visiting children’s book fairs in 2014.
  6. Shut off DVDs, television, cell phones and other interactive electronic gadgets at specific times: If you wish to improve your kid’s expressive language skills, ensure that your child experiences meaningful, educational conversation daily. A conversation with your son with the television set on in the background or cell phone in his hand is bound to fail. Make sure that when you are interacting with your child or teaching your child, there is no noise or any other distractions present in the surroundings and your child finds your conversation interesting.

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