8 main reasons why your book promotion strategy fails


The publishing industry has witnessed various changes in the last few years. Today, anybody can publish and promote a book. As a result, thousands of new volumes are hitting the market every year. Delving deeper into the promotional success of numerous books in recent times, you will find that only a few authors are able to market their work effectively. Promoting a new book is becoming a challenging task for many authors these days. Here are some main reasons that explain why book promotion strategies of several authors failed.

  1. Author or book is invisible: Several book buyers do research for their desired volume online, before they purchase it. When researching online, buyers will not research by your name or name of your volume instead they will use a generic phrase such as “children’s book” or “mystery novel”. Delving deeper into the research of buyers, you will find that hardly anyone goes beyond the first three pages of the search engine results. Authors, who wish to be visible to the book buyers, must appear on one of the first three pages of the generic search term that describes the volume. If not, then you and your work will be virtually invisible on the web to the public and this is not at all favorable for your book marketing online strategy.

  2. Use the wrong approach: If you are marketing your book using strategies that used to work before the onset and easy availability of the internet in your marketing effort, your promotion is likely to fail. Today, internet is a major medium to promote any volume and has outwitted all traditional promotional techniques. If you wish to promote your work effectively, you must obtain considerable traffic to your book marketing website and know how to convert this traffic into book sales. It won’t work if your tremendous traffic doesn’t convert into sales.

  3. Lacks SEO strategy: Today, a large number of book lovers depend on the internet to learn about books and to purchase them. The web world is search engine driven these days so it becomes necessary for you to promote your work by implementing an effective SEO strategy. Make sure that you use as many online social platforms as possible to market your book online, as lots of individuals use social networking sites on a daily basis. Hire an SEO expert to increase the web presence of your volume. This will help you to obtain high rankings for your website, which promotes your work, and when buyers type the generic terms related to your work on the search engines it will lead traffic straight to you.

  4. Authors focus on the wrong message: Often, authors talk about lots of inconsequential things, apart from their current book, and that book buyers are just not interested in. They speak more on what made them write the book, their struggle when writing it, people they met, and who appreciated them when writing the volume. Generally, readers are not interested in all these facts. Readers are interested in one and only one thing – How your book can be useful to them or entertain them. Identify your target market and develop your promotional techniques focusing on the buyers’ needs. Ensure that your message is effectively communicated to the market in less than thirty seconds.

  5. Author does not communicate a trademark: There are thousands of books coming up in the market with the authors of these books all promoting them using some marketing technique or the other. You need to stand out from the rest of the authors by sporting a unique and remarkable trademark that conveys to your potential buyers certain aspects of your written work that no one else is able to state. Identify the needs of your potential buyers and communicate the usefulness of your book effectively to them, by employing an effective book publicity strategy.

  6. Not participating in popular book shows: Book shows are prominent places that most book lovers, publishers, companies promoting books, and crucial elements of the publishing world visit every year to access new books presenting new concepts. If you participate in one of the popular book events and display your book effectively, you will find an increased audience and professionals from the publishing world accessing your work. You may get instant appreciation for your work from your fans and well-known publishers visiting the event. You never know when a popular publisher can present his wish to work with you in the future.

  7. Author cannot engage the buyer: Never promote your book in a boring manner. You have a short time span in hand to grab the buyers’ attention and there are millions of competitors working in the same line. Present your trademark and convey to the audience why they should purchase your book in an effective manner, which is engaging and compelling for the buyers to choose your book over other authors. Stick to the point when marketing your collection.

  8. Author’s have unrealistic expectations: Never think that, just by creating a book marketing website,  a large number of people will show up, purchase your work, and you will experience tremendous book sales. Never believe that simply by developing a  marketing site for your new book you are finished developing your marketing plan. You need to optimize it on the web to bring in considerable traffic and use effective marketing strategies to experience high conversion rate.

If you avoid making these eight mistakes when promoting your written works, you can promote it in the market effectively.


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