Four publishing myths that prevent budding authors from publishing


While the creative process of writing books and publishing them do not need a substantial investment of both time and money, several writers choose to refrain from pursuing a career in writing  books for all the wrong reasons. There are several myths related to writing volumes and book promotion that overshadow the benefits of writing and publishing. However, once you learn effective publishing techniques, you will find writing and publishing books and marketing them in the upcoming book fairs in 2014 an interesting task that can help to bring forth your ideas and thoughts to the world. Here are four of the most common myths regarding writing and publishing that may give you negative notions that prevents you from pursuing a writing career.

  1. You should be expert in publishing a book :
    This is one of the most common myths harbored by many budding authors.When writing a book, you do not need to know everything about publishing and promoting a book  After completing your volume, you can hire an efficient publisher to publish and market your book in popular book shows such as Frankfurt International Book Fair in Germany and others, or promote it on the web, distribute it to prominent booksellers and librarians, and use many other techniques to increase your book sales.
  2. Writers lacking a degree in journalism can’t write books :
    Several people have the wrong notion that only people with a journalism degree can write a book, but the fact is even common literate individuals lacking any degree in writing can write and publish books effectively. Although you do not require strong writing skills, you do need to identify the most effective technique to communicate your ideas and thoughts. For instance, if you are an eloquent speaker, you can try speaking your ideas and thoughts and develop a book with the help of software programs or if you have the skill of explaining complex ideas try writing in a simple language that the common man can easily understand. Later, you can hire an editor or proofreader to correct your writing and ensure it is free of writing errors. Writing a volume is not about how well you write, but how well you convey your thoughts and ideas.
  3. Writing and publishing generates no income:
    One of the most popular myths in writing and publishing is that there is no income in this challenging task. But, the fact is several authors have made substantial amounts of money from writing literature, both for biographies and novels. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, is an ideal example of a successful writer. Best selling novels sport sales of forty or fifty million volumes while some books even succeed in selling a hundred million copies. Authors of these volumes have made a substantial amount of money from their writing craft. Though this kind of success is rare, as most authors will not become millionaires, your volumes can still help you earn sufficient financial gains. Displaying your work in one of the popular global book events, such as Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, can prove effective in increasing your book sales considerably. Additionally, you will continue to be paid for your novel in royalties forever once you complete it.
  4. Your writing career is set after publishing your first book :
    Several writers think that they will have a commendable career in the publishing world, after their first book gets published, and if their expectations fail then they think their writing career in the publishing industry is not worth pursuing. The fact is several authors have achieved success only after writing several volumes and finding a niche in the market. It is advisable not to set too high a goal when stepping into the publishing industry. If you do not get the expected success or global recognition after publishing and marketing your first volume, do not get discouraged. Remember where there is a will there is a way.

These are the four main myths that budding authors often consider and believe before giving up on their writing careers, after publishing and promoting their initial books. Evaluate each and every myth in detail before you believe in it and if you concentrate on your goals and overlook these myths, you can achieve the expected success and recognition in the later stage of your career in the publishing industry.


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