For a wonderful educational experience, guide your kids to children’s book fairs


Children love to explore a variety of books that contain elaborative images and colorful illustrations. Many children’s volumes may not feature educational titles but still offer an interactive experience that will increase the child’s knowledge base. These books include touch-and-feel and lift-the-flap volumes. These kind of volumes are perfect as a tool to introduce your little one to wonderful educational collections and inculcate the good habit of reading in them.

Helping your children choose their favorite books and learn to enjoy reading can be accomplished by visiting popular book events such as Bologna Children’s book fair. You can acquaint your kids to the amazing world of books by gifting them numerous fun but educational volumes. Here are a few topics available in the educational genre that can enhance your kids’ critical thinking

  1. Object counting: As kids begin to learn numbers, they tend to count everything that they come across such as their colour pencils, toys and blocks, fruit or snacks, and many more objects. If you visit popular upcoming children’s book fairs in 2014, you can find numerous books that can help your kids learn numbers through their fanciful illustrations, object placement, and various familiar situations. These books come in pocket-size volumes, picture books and card-board books that help them to learn numbers and counting quickly and easily.  If you gift your kids these volumes, you can help them learn basic lessons in one of the most effective ways.
  2. Reading alphabet: The first step towards reading is learning the alphabet. Children need to learn all the letters of the alphabet before they can read basic words as they start going to nursery. Books that present the alphabet song or letter blocks can be ideal volumes for children to begin learning their letters. Also, volumes that feature the alphabet, a word beginning with that alphabet, and the image of that word such as animal or flower will fascinate your children and boost their interest in referring these books to learn more letters and words. These volumes captivate the attention of the kids and set them on the educational path to letter recognition.
  3. Colors and shapes: Children are often fascinated by bright colors and bold shapes. Educational volumes help kids to convert their fascination for colors and shapes into a wonderful educational experience of learning a variety of colors and shapes. Children’s volumes illustrating various colors and shapes can help them identify a royal blue from and a bright red and a circle from a rectangle.
  4. Short story books: Kids love listening to various stories. If you are visiting a popular book event like Bologna Children’s book fair along with your kids, you can find a vast variety of children’s volumes being displayed. Choosing a couple of short story books for your kids and reading them aloud to your kids will help your kids learn a vast variety of words and their meanings, helping them to build a good vocabulary. Eventually, you will find that your kids will attempt to read these simple and easy to read books all by themselves.

Popular book fairs are prominent platforms for book publishing companies, which aim at exclusive book marketing, and can be instrumental in offering favorable environments that is conducive for reading to children, including offering educational books. You can even set up a separate area in your home that is dedicated for kids reading books. A home library that is designed just for your kids can be a positive motivation for your children to boost their knowledge with educational books and to inculcate a reading habit. At the same time, remember never force your kids to read as that may develop negative notions about reading and studying.

As there is no specific age definition for introducing your kids to reading but the earlier you expose them to the wonderful world of children’s books the better it is for their overall intellectual development and critical thinking. Don’t miss the golden opportunity to visit popular children’s book fairs organized in your vicinity and to introduce your kids to the treasure of knowledge and information.


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