Introduce your kids to the paradise of wonderful books by visiting children’s book fairs


Parents are always looking to gift their kids presents that are not just wonderful and fascinating but also knowledgeable and creative. Children’s books can be one of the best gifts which your kids will find interesting as well as educational. Parents take pleasure in visiting events such as the Sharjah book festival, Bologna children’s book fair, and other popular book events to choose the best volumes for their kids. You will find tons of children’s books in these book fairs that remind parents of the classic books they read in their childhood. Depending on your kid’s interest, you can choose a variety of wonderful and educational books that interest your kids.

Bright and colorful picture books:
Children love fun and activities but they lose interest in a particular activity fairly quickly if they are stuck with it for a substantial time. Reading is no exception to this. You need to keep kids engaged in reading by providing them with colorful and interesting picture books. Bright books full of pictures are sure to capture their attention and keep them hooked on reading the books till the end. Children’s books such as Dr. Seuss volumes are ideal examples of books, that make a visual impact on the kids, and can be easily found in book fairs in 2014. These volumes have engaging illustrations and vibrant colors that capture the kids’ attention.

Storybooks that fascinate children will cause them to ask for another similar storybook once they finish reading the first. Good stories are always admired by the kids, especially, if they make them laugh a lot. Even adventurous and mystery novels  such as Sherlock Holmes, the Famous Five series, and many more are some of the favorite books for children. These books not only entertain the kids but also educate them to be alert and handle various circumstances in the real life, by using their wit and intelligence. Choose children’s books which are well-written in simple, informative, and friendly language, that help kids learn morals and values.

Innovative books:
Children have an appreciable power of imagination. If you gift them innovative volumes such as science and fictional volumes that elaborates scientific applications in the fictional world, you can help them boost their power of imagination. Various books narrating real life experiences challenge their critical thinking and help them develop their creative thinking and skills as they grow. Choose books that ask questions and make kids to use their own brains to get answers. Visiting popular book fairs will help you to purchase the best collections of creative volumes.

Digital books:
Another creative technique to inculcate the good habit of reading in kids is by gifting them digital books. Popular global book fairs such as Sharjah children’s reading festival offers you a vast collection of E-books that are specially created for children. These volumes are interactive and the characters in the stories can come to life and make it an enjoyable experience for the kids. You can even download or print these entertaining story books and read them to your kids. Choose volumes having engaging stories with colorful illustrations that will catch your kids’ attention and increase his interest in reading it.

Pocket sized board books:
Children are fond of reading a collection that elaborates a particular theme such as forest theme, circus theme, and others. Board books illustrates any theme the best. Children’s favorite characters are well-narrated and illustrated in the collection of these board books. Pocket sized board books often come in themed collections. These books come in themes such as letters of the alphabet, numbers and digits, flowers, fruits, and many more. Each cardboard page contains a single alphabet, number, or item like a flower in order to match the illustrations made in it. You can even find similar books available on subjects ranging from cars and dinosaurs to shapes and colors. These volumes help small kids to learn basic numerical, alphabetical, floral, and other concepts and acquaints them with the idea that words represents various things that we experience and observe effectively.

In this manner, a visit to popular children’s book fairs can help you inculcate the habit of reading in your kids and encourage them to pursue this valuable habit for their entire lifetime.


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