5 smart ways to find quality and interesting children’s books for your kids


Children’s books hold a unique space in the lives of growing children. Kids like to sit and read various children’s volumes and then narrate it back to others – including the various peculiarities of their favorite comic characters, their heroic character in the novels, and many other things. It is important to gift your kids the right kind of books that match their reading abilities, depending on their age. Choosing interesting collections on quality subjects from popular book fairs in 2014, specifically developed for a certain age group, enables children to find new concepts in stories that they can follow and enjoy.

Making the right choice of books proves instrumental in boosting the morale of your kids and enhances their knowledge and intellectual ability. So when you plan to buy books for kids, you need to take a few things into consideration before making your purchase. Here are a few tips that will help you to make a perfect choice when purchasing novels for your children.

  1. Cover of the book: The cover page of a novel speaks a lot about its content and storyline. If the title, image, and illustrations on the cover of the volume are interesting and incite your interest then you can choose that children’s volume for your kid. A book with an engaging cover should have an interesting enough story to hook your child for hours. Choose a children’s volume with quality cover illustrations that are being developed by well-known book publishing companies, as this will help you to make the best choice of novel for your kid.
  2. Catchy first lines and initial paragraphs: When you find a children’s volume with a catchy cover, read the first page of the book to yourself. Usually, the first page of the novel is a good indicator of how the rest of the story in the book is represented. If the initial paragraphs and lines catch your attention then it could be a good choice of novel for your kids to read. If you find the first page confusing or puzzling your child may find it boring and you should probably put the volume down.
  3. Plot of the story:  If you have plenty of time to spend in selecting a good collection from a popular book show such as Bologna Children’s book fair 2014, try to read more than the first page of the novel. This will help you to gauge the plot of the children’s volume. If the plot of the story appears interesting, engaging, and written in a good language then it will incite you to finish the story, no matter what the length and size of the book is. This kind of literature will be ideal to gift your kid as it will keep them interested and progressing through complex stories.
  4. Sequels: Usually, a good children’s novel will have a sequel or series of books written by the same author with one volume having common characters or common features that are present in the rest of volumes of the series. These kind of children’s authors are dedicated to their craft and can weave a story that kids become enthralled with and demand the next volume in the series after they finish reading the first one. Ideal examples of these novels are the Famous Five series of 21 volumes and Secret Seven series of 15 volumes both written by well-known children’s author Enid Blyton. Choosing this kind of series will be a wonderful gift for your kid.
  5. Witty and intellectual humor: Foolish or moronic humor is not suitable for kids. They are neither funny nor educational. If you wish to choose a fictional volume with humor for your kid, make sure that it has witty humor. Your child will enjoy quality jokes and twists in a story that would make them roll with laughter after reading it. If a humor based novel has morals, it can even stand the test of time and enhance the wit of your kid.

Choose quality books for you children’s book collection which they can treasure for their entire lifetime. This will not only keep your kids happy with a variety of novels but it will make you happy when you observe the increased interest and wit of your kids.


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