Six Effective Tips to Make Your Nursery Going Kid Learn Reading

kids reding
Have you enrolled your kid into nursery recently? Do you wish to help your child learn how to read words and sentences? Then you should consider gifting your child lots of books so that they will learn to like reading.

It is also important to put some effort into spending time with your child to help them learn to read, turning it into a life long hobby.

Here are some effective tips that can help you to inculcate the habit of reading in your nursery going kids.

  1. Fun with letters and words
  2. Kids enjoy copying letters and words out in their notebooks. Write your kid’s name and have him copy it himself in his notebook. Give regular gifts of short-story books and read it aloud for your kid. Teach him to read sentences and short paragraphs in the book. Encourage him to write a few words and short phrases from that book on his own This will help your child to learn new words and phrases quickly.

  3. Play word guessing games
  4. After reading a story from your child’s favorite story book, play a word guessing game with your kid. Spell the first phonetic letter of one of the words from the story and tell your kid to guess which word you are trying to spell? For an instance, if it’s “pirate” say the phonetic sound “pa”. Your child will enjoy playing this kind of game and learn new words simultaneously.

  5. Make your kid author
  6. Generally, 4 to 5 year old kids are chatty. At such an early age, it may be hard for you to get a word in edgewise. You can take advantage of your kid’s interest in talking about day-to-day activities by writing a diary or book together. Tell him to write down simple activities that he did throughout the day such as went to school, had a fun day at the park, visited a book festival 2014, ate their favorite dish, and much more. Instruct your kid to write down a few sentences describing his activities. You can help him put it together in proper words. Then, tell your child to read it aloud and illustrate it.

  7. Use different techniques to read
  8. Reading stories aloud is a great way to introduce literature, but “dialogue” reading is more effective in engaging the child by allowing them to participate in the story. Before reading further in the story, ask your kid what he thinks will happen next. You can even ask your child to describe another way that particular story could have ended. Tell him to come up with new ideas and opinions for the same story. This will make him think creatively and enhance his interest in reading more stories.

  9. Try to inculcate a love for books
  10. Tell your kids how books are fabulous, real treasures of knowledge and information, and other facts about books. Tell them how they can benefit by reading books. Plan a visit to a popular event such as book festivals 2014 to make you kid acquainted with a large variety of books. Lots of children’s books are available at international book fairs for book promotion. Your kid can get his hands on his favorite books, and purchase his choice of books. You just need to push your child initially to pursue the good habit of reading.

  11. Create a home library
  12. You can encourage your kids to read a variety of books by creating a well-furnished home library for them. You can enhance it with story books, comic books, and many more children’s books that are displayed by book promoting companies in international book fairs 2014. Having different types of children’s book in your home library will encourage your kid to take them in his hands and start reading them. You will soon find your kid becoming glued to the books you keep in your home library. Also, remember to replace these books with newer and different ones regularly.

If you use these six techniques to inculcate the habit of reading in your kid, you are sure to succeed in it in short span of time. Also, you will enjoy spending a memorable time with your kid when teaching him to read various books. So, don’t miss the golden opportunity of visiting some popular children’s international book fair in 2014 in order to have new collections of children’s books for your kids.


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