6 Top Self-Publishing Scams That Amateur Authors Should be Aware of

Are you a novice author aspiring to become a recognized author? Do you believe you can become a  recognized or even an award winning author by self-publishing your book? Then you need to be aware of the fact that there is no easy or quick way to become an established author, just by using a self-publishing technique. Like any other professional writer, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort developing your writing skills and marketing your finished books before receiving recognition for your skills. Once your talent is known, several self-publishing companies will come up with varied publishing and marketing services to help you promote and sell your work.
At the same time, you should remember that self-publishing is a big and vast business. Several opportunity seekers are not the least bothered about the books and are only interested in the profits they can make by fooling any amateur authors who are not aware of the ways to establish themselves. Stay vigilant to avoid fraudsters thriving in the publishing world.
Here are some common self-publishing frauds that aspiring authors should be aware of when they begin the process of publishing their book.

  1. Excess of admiration

    Deceitful book publishers from self-publishing companies habitually persuade the novice author into unwise choices by sweet talking them with visions of grandeur. You will find them saying statements such as “Your book is exceptional and deserves to be published at an international level.”, or “Your book is the first interesting book that I have come across in a long time. I can help you launch it on an international platform” On the other hand, honest and genuine book publishers won’t flatter you unnecessarily, as they are not primarily interested in only generating business from your work. Be wary of publishing companies that offer excessive praise and avoid doing business with them.

  2. Guaranteed success

    No book publishing company can make you rich quickly by publishing and promoting your work. No one can assure you success for your book instantly. It takes time, hard work, and sincerity to become an established author. Genuine and honest publishers will never promise you immediate success as soon as your book hits the market. On the contrary, deceitful publishers will assure you that your work will enjoy great recognition and demand as soon as it hits market.

  3. Assured fortune

    When a self-publishing organization promises to get your new book into every reputed bookstore in the nation, consider this assurance as a blatant lie. In reality, your book will be available in the databases of bookstores and will only be ordered if customers request it. Though you may find it overwhelming to imagine your book on the shelves of every major bookstore, in reality this never happens unless your work is indeed something exceptional and interesting, in which case, over time it will gain popularity and shelf space.

  4. Defective book promotion and marketing

    Several self-publishing companies offer a variety of services and inclusive packages such as including proofreading, editing, distribution, sales, book promotion, and other services free of cost. However, even with these inclusive packages, fraudulent publishers will publish and promote your book in a mediocre manner without putting any special effort into its marketing. Eventually, you will find your book never received much coverage and ended up being ignored by the readers. Be aware of publishers, who offer lots of services free of cost but who cannot provide a solid marketing plan when questioned.

  5. Illegible publishing contracts

    Deceptive self-publishers offer you contracts that are full of unfamiliar and complicated terms. If you come across any contract that is written in a complicated language making your head spin, it could be hiding clauses meant to take advantage of your work. Never sign any contract without understanding exactly what it means for you.

  6. Copyright fraud

    Some self-publishing companies tell you how expensive and difficult it is to acquire International Standard Book Number (ISBN) so they try to convince you to hire their services to do the work for you. Be vigilant and wise in choosing a self-publishing organization to publish and promote your book. A visit to some popular global book show such as American Library Association Midwinter can prove instrumental in choosing honest, efficient, and a reputed self-publishing company.

By knowing these six self-publishing scams, you can be vigilant when choosing a self-publishing company. Good research, visits to popular book fairs such as the Philadelphia Book fair, caution, and common sense can prevent you from being scammed by the market sharks.


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