Reserve Your Presence at the Book Expo America 2014 Soon!


If you are American and a lover of books too, you should certainly not miss the opportunity to be present at the book fairs held in this continent, be it any city or state. There are a variety of book fairs held in America such as the Book Expo America, American Library Association  Midwinter, Texas Library Association, Connecticut Library Association, Florida Library Association, New York State Reading Association and many others. And when a book fair is held in a city like New York, considered as one of the most happening cities in the world, the excitement increases manifold. You will certainly be happier attending a book fair event that has many additional attractions than just attending a local book fair event where you browse for a bit and then head on home when done.

New York has an abundance of attractions to be explored. The crowd is both maddening and thrilling at the same time. When book fair events are held at New York, they are able to pull a much larger crowd than when held at any other place in America. So, if you are a part of the book publishing industry, like if you are a book author, book publisher, literary agent, editor, distributor, librarian or any other party, attending the BEA 2014 will be in your favor. You will get a chance to improve your books’ visibility, make new contacts, strengthen existing contacts, strike conversations that lead to signing of deals and much more.

The New Title Showcase feature is a good opportunity for new book authors to showcase their works and try to grab fan following. Many new book authors lack the courage and confidence to send their books to international book fairs. But, at BEA, they accept your work with open arms so that your work doesn’t go unnoticed. Don’t be surprised if the attendees starting mobbing you for your autographs despite being a new author with just one book to your credit. Good work doesn’t always need years of popularity and fame; it just needs one good opportunity at times to be admired and recognized. And that one life-changing opportunity for you could be the 2014 Book Expo America.

It’s not just the printed books that are displayed at book fairs, but ebooks have a fair share of display space too. The Book Expo America 2014 is one such opportunity where you can showcase your ebooks, without worrying about the lack of techno-savvy book readers, who prefer ebooks over printed ones. You won’t lose your fan following if you display the ebook version of your book out here. And if you are a book author, be in your best avatar here.

Attending book fairs like these will help market yourself well in one shot, whereas when you promote yourself through various other scattered means like traditional and online marketing, you have to spend a lot of money, your time and effort is halved in marketing when you attend a book event like this.


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