Six Reasons That Help Physical Books to Retain Their Significance in the Modern Digital World


The digital revolution has revolutionized the techniques of book publishing and marketing to make things more favorable for authors, as well as readers. It has made the creation of an electronic book (EBook) easy. Today, several authors find it more convenient to create and promote EBooks in the current competitive market.  You might be wondering about the existence of physical books, with this question in mind: “Does the creation of these electronic books diminish the significance and need of physical books?” Of course not, as even today physical books enjoy a good demand among readers. In fact, physical books have successfully retained their importance in spite of the widespread use of digital technology.  Certain aspects of physical books make them more in demand with readers than EBooks. Here are some of the reasons why physical books remain popular.

1. Reading convenience

One of the major benefits of reading a physical book over an electronic book is the convenience it gives to the readers. Your eyes can start to hurt when you continuously read a book on computers or tablets. You may even need to get a commercial eReader that will help you in your reading. On the other hand, these problems do not arise when reading a physical book. Nothing more is needed except the book and good lighting.

2. Good resale value

If you buy an EBook displayed in a book show, you will never be able to resell it. A good collection of electronic books may create difficulties when you intend to donate them or resell them in the future. But you can easily resell a physical book after you have read it and obtain a good price for it. A collection of physical books can easily be donated to a library or to some social cause whenever the need arises..

3. No need of special devices for reading a physical book

You will need an electronic device such as a laptop, tablet, or smart phone to read an EBook. Without these devices you cannot read an EBook, let alone even have it. But you can get a physical book without any kind of required devices.

Just visit a local bookstore or some popular book fair and purchase the books you want and read them anywhere, anytime. You can even read a standard book in a location where there is no electricity.

4. No need of batteries

Though many of your devices may have good batteries, you will need to charge them regularly. If anytime you forget to charge them, your device will not work and you will not be able to read the EBook at all. But this is not the case with a standard physical book, as you don’t need batteries to read it.

5. No need of warranty

An eReader is an essential requirement when you choose to read an EBook. If at any time your eReader stops working, you won’t be able to read any EBooks until you get a new eReader or get this one replaced on warranty. You may be able to read the titles that are saved on your desktop, but none of the book’s text. Physical books don’t have this problem and don’t require a warranty. If a book gets damaged or lost, all you have to do is purchase or borrow another copy and continue reading.

6. Unique joy of reading a physical book

Reading a physical book is a unique experience. You can never get that pleasing smell of paper or feel the weight of your favorite book in your hands when you read an EBook. No technology can replace the unique experience of reading a physical book, holding it in your hands, and quickly seeing the progress to the end.

All these aspects help you to understand why physical books are still in great demand even in today’s modern digital world. No technological advancement can beat the experience that we have when reading a physical book. Take part in this special experience by visiting a popular global book fair in 2014, purchasing your choice of books, and then sitting down to an enjoyable reading experience.


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