To Delight Kids of All Age Groups, Provide Interesting Stories and Literature

Story books are an all-time favorite possession of children and they enjoy reading them with great interest. If you are writing a children’s book, you should know the age group of children for whom you are writing for. Though you may remember favorite stories and comic collections from your childhood, you should take time to research and learn more about the books that children like to read today.

Writing for a 5 year old child and for a 3 year old child is quite different, due to their difference in reading levels and understanding levels. By knowing the interests of a particular age group of children, you can write a book for them that will be appreciated and will gain recognition in no time. Here is a guide to children’s age groups whose reading levels vary considerably.


Kids falling in the age group of 2 years to 4 years can be called toddlers. The children in this age group are curious and want to explore new things, such as word groups, the names of things around them coupled with a variety of images. At this age, they are sharp learners who can easily grasp information by viewing images of  specific things.  You should write books with bold images and alphabets to make it interesting and easy for the toddlers to read them. Pop-ups and cloth books can prove extremely effective in grabbing the attention of toddlers, as well as using big illustrations and images. Use words that are simple and easy for them to understand.

Preschoolers and primary graders

Children in the age group of 4 years to 7 years are known as either preschoolers or primary graders. Preschoolers are early readers who  really enjoy picture books. Though these kids can identify shapes, colours, alphabets, and numbers, they still will prefer to read books with more illustrations and images, just as the toddlers read. Primary graders like both fiction and nonfiction collections to read. They specially like to read about animals, adventures, sports, family, funny stories and other similar things. If you create a book illustrating short moral stories with relevant colorful images, you should be successful in getting them to read your new book.

Secondary or upper primary graders

Children studying in secondary grade can read complete sentences, big paragraphs and even chapters. Their reading level is better than primary graders and they can read books which have more than a hundred pages. Children at this stage are learning to read complex sentence formations, new phrases, and clauses. They like more to read mysteries, adventures, and even series of adventure books such as the Famous Five series written by Enid Blyton. Displaying your innovative work in one of the reputed book fair events, such as Bologna Children’s book fair, can be highly beneficial to make your book popular among children.

Children studying in middle grade

Children studying in middle grade have the ability to understand various facts and aspects of the world better. They can understand conflicts and issues. They can identify human nature and various tactics that are used to handle different daily business activities. Middle school graders have a better knowledge of history, geography, science, sports, arts, and other subjects. They like reading literature on these subjects, and can relate various aspects mentioned in these books to their real lives.


Teens have a polished reading level that enables them to read big novels of more than 500 pages. Generally, teenagers like to read books on popular adventure sports, love, family, modern technology, medical inventions, automobiles, and more. A book focusing on driving adventures, thrillers, scientific fiction, romance, and other similar topics can captivate the interest of teenagers. If you have written a book for this age group, display it at one of the popular book fairs and you can receive exposure for your book, since teenagers make it a point to visit exhibitions to explore new concepts and ideas.

Before writing a new book, talk to kids in your target audience to identify their interests and ambitions. This can help you to better plan your writing before starting.  Displaying your newly written children’s book in popular book fairs in 2014 can prove to be very fruitful. You can offer a good quality reading resource to the children to enhance their knowledge as well as increase their joy.


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