Create a Fantastic Home Library to Help Your Child Pursue Good Habit of Reading

Reading different kinds of books is one of the good habits that every parent and teacher tries to inculcate in their children right from an early age. Parents take effort in acquainting their kids with some picture books, short story books, and many more as soon as their kids turn 2 years old. They try to encourage their kids to read various children’s books, by reading out stories in the short stories books to them. Eventually, the children love to read the books and take interest in reading new books. So, the question is how can you facilitate a wide variety of books to your kids to help them enhance their knowledge and pursue good habit of reading?

You can make reading different books a fun and relaxing activity for your kids, by creating a wonderful home library for them. Doing so, your children can read various books comfortably sitting in their own home. Creating a home library makes the children aware that the reading is an important part of their life. The presence of the home library in your house automatically draws attention of your kids to it and they take initiative in accessing the variety of books present in the library.

Apart from this, a home library does not occupy a huge space. Even a corner of your child’s room can be perfect to create a home library. All you need is a good bookcase, a great variety of books, and good planning. A visit to some popular book fairs such as Bologna children’s book fair, London book fair, BookExpo America, and many more can prove beneficial in developing a home library for your child. A perfect planning of establishing a home library will not only offer your child excellent reading material but also develop the sense of creativity and imagination in the kid. Here are some techniques that will help you to create an outstanding library for your kid.

  • Choose the right area to develop the library

    A corner of your kid’s room can be an ideal place to create a home library. Make that spot an inviting space with a great variety of children’s book kept for reading on the book shelves. Put a beanbag chair or a soft pillow so that your child can snuggle up with his or her favorite story book. Also, ensure that this spot has got good lighting to help your child read clearly and comfortably.

  • Arrange the books within reach of your child

    When creating a book library, see to it that the bookshelves are within the reach of your child so that your child can pick up a book without any difficulty. Don’t develop bookshelves too high to make it difficult or impossible for your child to access. Develop low and sturdy bookshelves so your kid can easily and safely access any book he needs on his own. Also, teach your child to put books back in the shelves, after reading them, in a proper way.

  • Update the library regularly

    Make it a point to change the books on display regularly. A visit to a popular book show like London book fair 2014 can prove highly useful to help you have new story books, general knowledge books, and many more to enhance your home library. By regularly updating your library with new books, you can encourage your kids to read various new story books and general knowledge books to help them boost their general knowledge.

  • Learn and respond to your kid’s interests

    Keep a watch on your child’s interest. Make a note of the kinds of books your child is most fascinated with. They can be fairy tale books, comic books, children’s magazines, general knowledge books, or even some science and fiction books. Know your child’s interest and try to equip your home library with more books that interest your child.

  • Mend the damaged books

    The regular use of the books may damage them and loosen their binding. So, reinforce the book bindings and mend the page-tears with a tape whenever the need be. Doing so, you can keep the books in good condition for a long span of time.

  • Swap the books to facilitate new collection

    Try to discuss with the parents of other children about the variety of books that they have for their children in their own home library. Make effort to set a book-swapping system with the other parents to let all the kids share their favorite story books with their friends and discover a variety of new books and ideas.


If you create a home library by keeping all these things in mind, you are sure to gift your child a priceless treasure of knowledge at an early age.


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