London Book Fair – An Ideal Platform To Balance Needs Of Authors and Publishers


Authors and publishers are constantly looking for new platforms to promote their books. Various global book events can be viewed as outstanding platforms for providing exposure to several new books and authors. The London Book Fair, which is one such global event, aims to serve the publishing industry by scheduling various events for self-publishers and authors. This is the reason why this book event is able to maintain its reputation, as it successfully attracts the attention of a large number of authors, publishers, literary agents, and readers every year.

The London Book Fair is a magnificent platform that allows all the major publishers to set large stands on the main ground for displaying new books and concepts to the international audience. This global book event even has a dedicated Author Lounge for encouraging the authors and publishers to carry out productive communications for better promotion of their work. Apart from these, this exhibition even offers conference rooms to various professionals of the publishing industry to conduct additional seminars.

The upcoming London Book Fair 2014 is said to be a brilliant platform for book authors, who are looking for publishers or literary agents to publish and promote their newly written book. Authors can book an appointment with a reputed publisher well in advance and meet that specific publisher in person an hour before the exhibition begins. This will help the authors to discuss their future work projects with the publisher, who is well-known for handling book publishing work of the same genre. A face-to-face conversation is always better than any other means of communication and London Book Fair gives authors this golden opportunity to meet the reputed publishers, which match their genre of book, in person.

London Book Fair 2014 is expected to have a pre-submission process that will allow the book authors, who have bought tickets, to submit their manuscripts electronically before the time to a limited number of literary agents and book publishers, then can proceed to request a face-to-face meeting with the author for further discussions. This global book event makes excellent arrangements for encouraging the authors and publishers to interact effectively for better marketing of their new books at an international level.

Various technological advancements have made a positive impact on the publishing world. Several crucial elements of the publishing world now prefer to count on digital technology, as the industry continues its transition to digital techniques and applications. This has greatly encouraged the  unique process of self publishing  and a greater number of authors now choosing to self publish their books. This global book event finds different ways for authors to interact with various professionals of the publishing world to fulfill their demands of marketing their work in a shorter amount of time. London Book Fair makes the effort to encourage the hidden talent of the literary agents and publishers and motivate book authors to come up with new concepts that will help the publishing industry to prosper.

In this way, the LBF 2014 offers a highly advanced platform to both book authors as well as publishers for balancing their needs. If you are a budding author, make a point to pay a visit to this book event. It will not only offer you an amazing experience but also inspire you to work with great enthusiasm on your future book projects. A visit to this international book exhibition can give a boost to your career in the publishing industry thereby, helping you to make a mark in the publishing world.


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