Excitement for The 2014 Book Fairs is in Full Phase!


International book fairs are good opportunities for people in the book publishing industry to showcase their work, build and expand their networks, obtain new ideas, and become popular. These events are massive and highly entertaining, apart from being informative and a great learning opportunity for children and adults alike.

For book lovers, book fairs rate no less than any Hollywood awards event. Moreover, these events are held at lovely and exciting venues like London, Bologna (Italy), New York, Beijing and many more. Exploring these beautiful places and attending a grand book event with your friends, family, or loved ones in tow is a great chance indeed!

Those in the book publishing industry such as book authors, literary agents, publishers, editors, booksellers, and librarians would be hard pressed to call this event a waste of time, money, or effort. Your effort really pays off when you get to display your books in front of an audience, who forms the core target, for your books. These people act as agents who further promote the message about your book in the most effective way, by word of mouth, which can spread at an astonishing rate.

The contacts that you make during such events are invaluable and will help you find a good number of deals. For instance, if you are an author who’s just one book old and yet to gain much of a following, displaying your book at an international book fair will expose your work to the big publishers in the industry, thus pushing you towards instant fame at times. If you are a publisher, you can make good contacts and buy publishing rights in the process.

Literary agents can make the most contacts with book authors, known and unknown as well as popular and unpopular ones, and with the publishers, to pitch the titles of authors they represent. Both book authors and publishers can gain a great deal by making contacts with book agents as these middlemen can help you accelerate your book publishing work.

If you are not a part of the book publishing industry, you can still benefit a lot by attending a book event. The first and the obvious benefit is that you get thoroughly entertained when you attend with your family or friends.  Secondly, you get to know so much about books that you never knew before, like new trends in book writing, famous authors of the world, controversial works by some book authors, and new categories of books. You get a chance to explore the immense beauty that lies at the book fair venues. The 2014 book fairs are expected to be a wonderful experience with a huge footfall.

Refer to the book catalogues for the upcoming book fairs 2014 and find out if your favorite authors are going to attend any of the book fairs. If yes, don’t miss the chance to meet your cherished book author  and discuss their works in person.

Register now to attend the book fairs 2014 international events. The event venues are waiting as much for you as you are waiting to attend them.


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