Three Simple Book Promotion Tips


If you thought you will write the best content for your new book and money will keep flowing in, you are living under illusion. Creating an interesting plot for your next novel is a great idea, but you cannot expect everything that you write to please the masses. Readers are of different types, and no one type of book appeals to everyone. So, you must be sharp enough to identify your targets and make promotional efforts in the right direction.

Promoting your book smartly is essential to grabbing sales. Else, your book will not reach the shelves except your own coffee table at home. So, if you wish to get the most money out of your book-writing efforts, make sure your promotional efforts are aimed at the right targets. If you have written a book highlighting a particular social issue, try to reach out to that target population.

Tips to Promote a Book Effectively:

  1. Cover Page:

    Creating a pretty cover page for your EBook is important in order to grab reader’s interest. The cover page should aptly convey the central theme of your book. Many times, it is found that what is conveyed on the cover page and at the back of the book in the form of synopsis is in stark contrast to the actual theme of the book. Avoid making such mistakes; else readers may lose faith in your future works too.  Identify what target group you are aiming your book at and accordingly design the cover page.

  2. Reviews:

    Try to seek maximum reviews from online readers for your book. In order to accomplish this, sign up with Amazon and Goodreads. Offer free eBooks for sale through these online book retailers and ask the recipients to provide reviews for your books. Request your friends and acquaintances to provide reviews for your book. Greater the reviews for your eBook, greater are the chances that people will stumble upon them and will know that a new book has arrived in the market. It is very difficult to grab people’s attention nowadays owing to the busy life that they lead. Reviews are like ready-made insights into a book which other readers can take advantage of before buying the book.

  3. Social Media:

    Have an active presence on social media. Build your network, seek comments, review them, and strike a fun-filled and informative interaction with the book followers and fans. Social media has the greatest impact in today’s times. So, don’t forget to set up an active discussion forum here through posts, blogs, and shares. Though Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are the most popular and effective tools, do not hesitate to register with other less popular social media accounts. At times, you may find some really powerful and impactful targets here, which can help you spread the word further.


Though book promotion requires tact and hard work don’t think of it as a chore to be finished. Do it yourself and enjoy it thoroughly throughout the process.


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