Simple yet Smart Online Book Marketing Techniques


Writing a book requires passion, imagination, writing skills, and a dying desire to be recognized as an author. If you possess all of these, then you can certainly produce a good piece and try to fulfill your dream. However, these ingredients, though indispensable for being a good writer, may not guarantee you success in the book publishing industry.  For that purpose, you must be handy with all the arms, ammunition, tools, and skills required for pitching and promoting your work to the masses through various offline and online channels.  

 If you are a new author with no fame or claim to fame in the industry, then you need to do additional work in promoting your name along with your book. If you are a relatively known name in the industry, you still have to work hard in promoting your work as success at one point of time doesn’t guarantee you success every time. Moreover, if you are an already famous author, you must take special care not to disappoint your readers. They expect much more from you after reading your last book; so, try to raise the bar every time and keep on achieving milestones.

 Actively Build Your Fan Base

 When you choose to market your book online, you are choosing the fastest and the shortest route to being visible and stepping up the fame ladder. Marketing books online is easy, cheap, and DIY. You don’t need any special technical expertise, but you do need to have the knack to market yourself and your work successfully. In case of book promotion, you must not start suddenly and abruptly; in fact, do not appear as if you are selling your book.

 Try marketing the essence of your book and what the readers have for themselves in the book. Highlight the takeaway message that readers can grab and use after reading your book. Appear as if you are writing for the reader’s benefit and not just for their money. This is a sure-shot formula to get people interested in you and build your fan base. Take instances of famous writers of today like Paulo Coelho, Rhonda Byrne, and many others. They interact with their fans actively and are not like some comet visible in the sky only with the naked eye to the masses once in a millennium. And with increased social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. this kind of interaction is very much possible.

 Do Dive into the Valley is the number one online retailer on the internet and a very popular one too. So, if you don’t put up your EBook out there, you are wasting your time in other less effective platforms. When the best is there for you, take complete advantage and make sure you achieve the maximum sales for your book through Amazon. Amazon is more like a dense jungle than a valley. Whatever it is, you surely are not going to fail but only reach the lands of success by diving here. Other popular online book retailer is Goodreads; capitalize on its name to the fullest. Put up your book for sale here and make an impression on book lovers that it is indeed a ‘good read’ for them.

 Reviews for Improving Readership

 Would you want to buy and read a book if the author kept boasting about it? Nobody wants to delve into something that is imposed on them; boasting is a big turn-off and the worst way to market something. In order to avoid a monologue sort of situation, try obtaining reviews for your book from others. Publish these reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and on your blogs created especially for discussing excerpts from your book.

  If your book is still in its nascent stage of being promoted, asking for reviews from friends, acquaintances and whoever has read it, is the perfect way to increase its buyers further. Nobody has got the time to carefully go through promotional emails or actively search through new books and their reviews on the internet. Very few ardent book lovers will do that. For others, you must post as many reviews as possible. Most people have minds that can be influenced by others; if they find positive reviews about your book, they will want to read your book too. This is a very effective way of book marketing that you must employ as a part of successful book marketing strategy.

 Author Bio :-

Alla Gilbert is a writer with rich experiences in writing books, blogs, and articles on a wide range of topics. She has full faith in Combined Book Exhibition services to do justice to the book promotion. You can visit the Frankfurt book fair in October this year. It will be an exciting and maybe breakthrough experience for your children.


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