Global Book Fairs – Boon for Authors to Enhance their Writing Career


The book fairs tend to be ideal platforms for exclusively displaying your books to the crucial elements of the publishing industry. There exist several worthwhile book exhibitions that are held every year. Publishers, authors, book agents and many other people from publishing industry worldwide make a point to visit the international book exhibitions to access new books that exhibit new thoughts and ideas.

Several budding authors tend to wonder whether it is really worth to attend such global book events. As a matter of fact, visiting an international book exhibition would offer you an invaluable experience if you happen to attend it with right mindset. It is also important that you should plan your visit to such event well in advance. You should be prepared to remain fresh and active throughout that day.

While attending such explicit book events you need to be practical, particularly with your planning for meeting editors and the book agents to present your written books to them. It has been observed that most of the professionals from the publishing industry tend to schedule meeting of about half an hour well before the fair starts. You never know when and by which publisher your book will be appreciated and will be taken to new levels of success and publicity. By following some of the crucial tips, a budding or an experienced author can derive great benefits from global book fairs. Such 3 significant tips are mentioned below to help the authors to derive greater benefits from book shows.

1. Good Research about book shows and schedule appointment to meet publisher

It is advisable to do some research in order to understand the basics of the book exhibitions, frame some clear intentions regarding what to achieve and plan well in advance to pay visit to the event. As a matter of fact, these events are arranged by the influential individuals in the publishing industry and several professionals from the industry prefer to participate in the events to do business with the rest of the trade insiders. Several book agents and varied publishers generally are not interested in developing spontaneous connections. Hence, you need to take an appointment of the particular publisher in order to get permission to meet him in his area, which is restricted for public access.

The authors can obtain benefits of various opportunities that come across them while attending global exhibitions such as Frankfurt book fair. However, they need to invest some efforts to grab the right opportunity. You can research for right book agents and approach them well in advance to get their appointment at the book event. It is even recommended to attend one of the popular seminars that is held particularly for the authors to help you to publish your first book or to enhance your writing career as an established writer. Get in touch with the publishers whom you never met before and who might be interested in your book. Make a point to be up-to-date with the happenings in the publishing industry.

2. Work on carrying appropriate materials to the event

It is advisable to carry with you quality information and materials to the book shows as it might work to grab a golden opportunity that you might come across in the show. Some of the crucial things that you need to have with you are as below.

  1. If you are a fiction writer, then prefer to carry one page as well as a two page interpretation of your available synopsis and even quality information regarding you as an author and some promoting ideas.
  2. If you are a non-fiction writer, then carry an impressive book proposal along with two chapters as specimen of your book.
  3. If you are writing an illustrative book, then carry some illustrations as specimen to present your vision regarding how you view the book overall.

Most important thing is to ensure that your contact details are properly attached to the material that you will be carrying to the book fair. This is so, because you might get chance to leave it with an editor or a good agent.

3. Be alert for the unanticipated opportunities

Keep your eyes and ears open for unexpected opportunities that may come your way while attending international book events like Frankfurt book fair. You might not be able to approach a specific publisher that you think is perfect for your book however you never know who will be standing beside you in the queue of tea.

In such unanticipated circumstances, prefer to describe your book in just one impressive sentence so that the concerned person can instantly make the judgment regarding carrying out further discussions. Dealing with open mind will allow you to leave with more information, opportunities, resources and contacts for betterment of your book and for success of your further journey of being an established author.

All these techniques will greatly help you to enhance your writing career by deriving greater advantages from your visit to the global book exhibitions. Hence, prepare yourself well before you step in any international book fair.


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