Top Tips for Diligent and Intelligent EBook Promotion


EBooks are the current rage in the publishing industry. It’s good to note that EBooks have garnered much attention and appreciation from book readers. Digitization of books has indeed made publishing a book easier; the traditional print publishing was tough, and convincing the publishers was an even bigger challenge. Promoting your EBook may be technically easier now than ever before. But, making your book stand out through a smart and sharp EBook promotion strategy is a real playground where you have to make the maximum scores to be successful.

Muster Popularity: Use all possible ways and means to improve your visibility as a book author and to popularize your EBook. Participate in an active discussion about extracts from your EBook and virally promote the discussions through the share button of Google plus.  

Create a fan page on Facebook for your EBook and invite friends, acquaintances, and encourage them to spread the word further. By expanding your network, you will garner the maximum possible likes for your page. A word created on Facebook is like a ripple in the ocean that spreads at the pace and force of a tsunami. So, you are soon going to be known across the nation or beyond that if you are lucky. Make sure, you actively put your comments and not stay as an inactive page owner. Make your page appealing to the youth.

Press Release: Create a press release for your EBook to be published on Amazon. Amazon is the largest online retailer, and the number of visitors is greater for this store than any other. So, it’s impossible that you won’t be visited. Use good keywords for your press release and make sure the SEO activity is done perfectly.

Blogging: Set up a blog dedicated to your EBook. Even if your eBook has been read only by your near and dear ones till date, do not worry. Invite them to join your blog and comment on your eBook. The more the mention of your eBook on the web, the greater is its search-friendliness. Link your book to real life stories. This is the perfect recipe for success. Many successful authors like Rhonda Byrne have done this. When a reader can relate your book to their real life whether it’s a fiction or a non-fiction, they are most likely to buy it. Pave a way into readers’ hearts and see your EBook witness the days of thumping success.

Be Generous: Money must surely be one of the reasons you are publishing and promoting your EBook, but keep that agenda aside for some time. Give away few copies of your EBook for free for the first few weeks or till you fan following is enough to assure you paid readers. Make sure you do not sell at a very high cost initially; let the book be known, loved, and admired my many. If your initial level of success is appreciable, change your strategy and offer only paid versions of your EBook. You need to be really sharp at every stage of your EBook promotion and need to change the strategy and promotion plan immediately for quick results. Cashing in on the buyer’s sentiments is the best strategy one can ever use for book promotion.

Highlight Your USP: Nobody wants to read a copycat version of the book they read some time back. Even if your book is like any other book, do not let the readers know that. Highlight your USP and give your readers something they can benefit from or something they are looking for. Know the psyche of book readers and accordingly promote your EBook. Else, your best written content will miss the eye of readers, and you will be left an obscure writer whose book was read only by your few friends.

An EBook may be easier to promote but more difficult to be spotted amongst the deluge of books, which the internet is flooded with. So, striving to be different is your challenge here. Try your best to surmount it successfully.


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