Book Fairs – Outstanding and Powerful Platforms to Promote your Book


Are you looking for a right platform to promote your written book? Various popular book shows can be considered as ideal platforms for promoting and marketing your book in the market. Several book events such as book festivals, book exhibitions, book conferences and trade shows are widely popular for showcasing a large number of books for explicit book promotion. Such book events tend to offer new opportunities to the authors to market their writings and earn recognition in the publishing industry.

Any author, who intends to promote his book, should make a point to attend popular book events. The author himself needs to invest personal efforts and time for such a task. The readers, publishers and other elements of publishing industry do not wish to meet the assistant or friend of the author. They want to talk to the author in person. Hence, you should actively participate in the book events and boost the popularity of your book.

Great Exposure

The international book shows offer an explicit opportunity to learn more about the publishers, marketers, booksellers, distributers and the publishing industry. When the author attends such events, he gets to learn essential things such as what the readers need and how to reach the readers effectively. While obtaining a great amount of knowledge regarding the book industry, the attending authors even can take benefit of the unique opportunity to expose their written book to a large number of audience and crucial elements of the publishing industry. You can personally meet the leaders of the book industry and enhance your contacts in the industry. Even if you are not able to crack a book deal, you will make your existence, as an author, known to several people and in the publishing industry and you can rest in assurance for long-lasting benefits due to the wide exposure you received in the book exhibitions. As a matter of fact, the word of mouth is known as one of the effective promotional tools and the authors need to be present where they can prominently find the word of mouth. The book exhibitions, book conferences and the conventions witness the word of mouth of popular book publishers, promoters, distributers, agents and the readers and hence authors visiting such book events can derive great benefits from them.

Meet Media Elements for enhanced promotion

Apart from this, the book shows even offer an outstanding opportunity to meet the media representatives, who make a point to visit the book events in search of some good story. Several producers of television shows and the radio programs, book reviewers, the editors of magazines and newspapers and online media outlets make their presence by attending such book events in search of interesting stories. Never miss an opportunity to meet the media. You never know how and when media can gift you explicit recognition, by bringing into light your work. Look for small video cameras present in the events since they tend to shoot quality footage of the author’s work in natural lights. If you find someone using one, then you can invite them over to capture essential aspects of your work. They may be shooting for international channels, local cable show or a blog of book review. You will get to know their exact purpose on inquiring for the same.

Explicit Aspects of Global book exhibitions

The major book fairs such as Frankfurt book fair, Beijing International book fair, BookExpo America and others are the most preferred events by the important elements of the publishing industry. Publishers, news reporters, editors and other individuals from various nations make a point to pay visit to these book shows to capture image and gist of your book in order to flash it on the front page of their magazines or newspapers. The international book events involve travel expenses such as airlines, the accommodation in hotel lodging and investment of your time for about a week. You may find regional book exhibitions close to your home and they are usually attended by some visitors. However, the international book fairs offer greater exposure as compared to the regional ones. The global book events tend to have thousands of visitors coming from various countries and hence they provide your work a better exposure than the regional book events.

A budding author can greatly benefit from such book fairs since the best-selling authors make their presence in such events and are they willing to spend time with the new authors for sharing crucial tips on writing, how to achieve success and how to effectively promote their written work.

Thus, the book exhibitions happen to be wonderful platforms to interact with publishers, book agents, the fellow authors, to enter the network of leaders in the book industry, acquire assistance of editors and learn new things that are coming up in the market.


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