Are You Ready to Face the Undying Chatter in the Book Exhibit Halls?


Book events are all about grandeur and numbers. The greater the attendance, the greater the number of sub-events, and more the noise, greater is the fun. During such events, the larger the mass number, the better it is for the book fair’s success. The excitement and energy that such events encompass is unmatched.

International book fairs are such giant events that you can’t stop thinking about them once they are over. The memories linger in the mind, and nostalgia refuses to get turned off. But, who wants to erase the wealth of knowledge and sweet memories that these fairs bring along?

 Hodgepodge of Books and People

A book fair is an event to learn, enrich your mind, and meet and interact with different authors, nationals, students, journalists, book agents, publishers, critics, filmmakers, and many other interesting personalities. When you attend an international book fair, the exposure that you get as an author is shockingly positive and helpful.

Knowing the Book Publishing Industry

If you think you have the talent, but you are falling short of the right opportunities, attending a grand event like this makes sense. When you meet people from different cultures, you get fresh ideas and perspectives on books you never had before. And as a book author, you can’t risk having an inactive or infertile mind. You constantly need to be churning out new ideas to grow further.

Book Fair Venue Matters

Many book fairs are annual events occurring every year with a roaring enthusiasm. Some of the most popular international events are the New York book fair, the Beijing international book fair, the China Shanghai book fair, and many others.  Organizing an event in a famous, beautiful, and populous city has its own attraction. People throng in large numbers in cities where other attractions are large too. This serves their dual purposes of visiting a book fair and touring the city.

Masses Matter

When too many people attend, the enthusiasm multiplies manifold. Enthusiasm is contagious. When the event attracts only few local people or city-dwellers, it’s a certain recipe for disaster, and the event doesn’t gain much accolades or media coverage. Moreover, it doesn’t prod others to attend the event held next year. So, drawing people is an art; remember, people don’t come just to attend the book fair, most have multiple agendas on their minds. So, keep these factors in mind before you zero in on the venue for a book fair if you are in the management team of the organizers.

Secondary Attractions are Important

A highly populous, urban city like New York has a charm of its own. Those wishing to have a slice of the urban New York life should certainly visit a book fair organized by the 2013 New York Library Association. Hurry up because the last date of registration is Sep 8. Come along with your family and friends, enjoy to the hilt, revel in the foods and drinks, go clubbing, eye and cherish the streets, and take away lovely memories to remember.

So, sign up for the New York book fair. Attend in crowds; New York is no place for a lonesome visit. The more the merrier!


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