Visit the Grand Frankfurt Book Fair this October!


Books Never Fail You

Books are your best friend; this may sound clichéd. But, it proves itself true every time and in so many ways that it deserves being repeated. Don’t believe in this adage just because your teacher at school mentioned about it. You may hate her for saying this and banging your ears every time, but as you grow old, you will find that life presents you with so many problems, solutions of which you may find in the books you probably read in your childhood.

It is common to loathe books during your school years. However, this happens when you limit your book reading activities to only the curriculum textbooks. If you are a parent who’s having a problem child refusing to read and thinks that books are nothing but a collection of pages meant to bore, take him to a book fair to change this opinion. Expose your child to a wide variety of books and see his interest level experience a steep rise.

October Book Fest – Get Ready

If you wish to attend the grandest book fair in the publishing industry, visit the Frankfurt Book Fair taking place this year in the month of October. You meet all and sundry from the book publishing industry here. Authors, publishers, book agents, journalists, editors, librarians, book buyers, book sellers, printers, and anybody for whom books matter grace this grand event every year. Register now if you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

If you are a teacher or student of literature, you must never miss this great learning opportunity. These events aren’t some drab college lectures on books that professors address. These serve to entertain you thoroughly.

Magnitude of the Event

When you visit the fair in Germany this year where there are 8 halls and around 300 thousand visitors rushing in at every hour, you might mistake it as some Hollywood awards function. Such is the magnanimity of this event. And give thumbs down to those who think geeks are boring! 😉

This event has been happening in Germany since 60 years. When you hit the fair, take full advantage of the opportunity. If you are a student, meet other students, check out various books, meet some authors if possible, socialize cheerfully, and buy some books that can actually benefit you. If you are an author, make as many contacts as possible in the book publishing industry, expand your network, make yourself known if you aren’t that popular, and get new ideas for your next book.

Special Attractions

Book fairs aren’t passive book exhibitions wherein books are laid on a table for the audience to look at and buy a few. These events are abuzz with a lot of activities that you can never get bored. This year, the event will last for 5 days. In the Frankfurt book fair 2012, French novels gained much prominence. There were many conversations happening around a book, its characters, its twist and turns, and how the author had been successful or failed at writing that particular book. So, it’s an interactive session and not a sleep-inducing monologue. The same level of fun is expected this year.

Media coverage is high, and a lot of spokespersons give their opinions during the event. You can voice any concerns if you have about the kind of books written and what should be improved.

Book fairs have the remarkable ability to convert book-haters into book-lovers. You may soon find yourself stacking books of your favorite authors in your cupboard after you are back home from the fair.


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