Book Fairs Offer Authors a Good Chance to Tap Foreign Markets

Targeting Global Markets

Are you a writer who likes to target different markets across the globe for his books? If you have been writing for quite some time now and have been successful in publishing a few books in your country, it is certainly a good idea to venture into the international market. Every market has its own perception of good and bad work. What you can sell successfully in one country may not be likable or hardly acceptable by readers of another.

Some writers travel extensively, meet different nationals, delve deep into their culture and traditions, and find some of them really intriguing and worth emulating. Many writers write fictional books wherein the portrayed characters belong to another country. For example, a writer in the US writes stories set against the backdrop of Japan. In this case, marketing this book in the US is not enough. One needs to actively promote such books through international events like conferences and book fairs.

Asian Book Market

If you are intrigued with Oriental culture and are increasingly focusing your writing on Asian themes, it’s good for your career. The Asian market is a profitable one owning to its large population.  And you can garner huge sales if your book really catches the fancy of people out there.

Attending a book fair is a great way to promote your book. You meet the locals out there – local audience, local publishers, and local book agents. It’s a good opportunity to talk to them and know their expectations from a book author. Nothing can beat a first-hand experience! Book fairs are not boring events meant only for straight book promoting. These events are highly entertaining and have a lot of things to hold your interest.

Some authors do not prefer to personally attend a book fair; they pay for their book’s promotional activities. But, that is not as impactful as direct attendance at the event’s venue. Readers take time to accept a new author; your work should be unique and thought-triggering to be registered and retained in their memory. A new author’s book lying on the stands can be easily ignored, but it is hard to ignore or forget someone you personally met or saw at a book fair.

If you somehow learn the psyche of the people of a particular country, you can easily write content that pleases them. When you attend a book fair and communicate with people, you instinctively understand this.  You learn what is offensive to them and what they love to read. At times, what is routine in the US is highly unacceptable in Japan. Your book can garner success and popularity only if you keep these factors in mind. Ignoring cultural differences while trying to sell your book there will only lead to obtaining flak.

Beijing Book Fair

images (62)A global publisher will help you publish your book effectively in the international market.  If you wish to attend an Asian book fair this year, the 2013 Beijing International Book Fair is a good opportunity. This event will be held in September this year in a fully equipped venue in Beijing.So, get ready to throng the book fair this year and be prepared to see your popularity soaring high.


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